Le’s Pho TaiDelicious and healthy Vietnamese cuisine

Le's Phở Tái specializes in delicious and healthy Vietnamese cuisine. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients in all our meals. We serve a variety of dishes including Noodle Soup, Sandwiches, Teriyaki, Rice Plates and more. Service is fast, large portions, and prices are affordable. Le, chef and owner, masters in showcasing authentic Vietnamese Pho only using the freshest ingredients available. The beautiful orchids greet you at the entrance, and just as thoughtful as the interior design, the menu offered here is a testimony of the same thoughtfulness that Le puts in every dish he prepares as a chef and baker.

Le has created an affordable menu, and shows how community service oriented he is by offering discounts to Veterans, Army Personnel, People with Disabilities, Seniors, Teachers, and Students. It is important to Le that everyone has the means to a nutritious and filling meal. He takes the extra step of carefully clarifying the soup broth of fat while still maintaining flavorful results. This process may take longer, but to Le it is important not to skip this step, because this is how the balance of healthy and deliciousness is created. Pho Tai strives to offer the best dining experience as possible, and since this restaurant takes pride in preparing food with the wholesome slow cooking process, they ask that you please call to reserve and allow extra time for large orders.

No matter how big or small your order, Pho Tai strives to make you happy. Your feedback and input is much appreciated, and please don't hesitate to call the restaurant because Pho Tai is proud of its customer service and want to 100% guarantee of a pleasant experience and happiness.